Sanjay Batra | Google

A Case for Inclusive Design

In this talk Sanjay Batra will discuss inclusion and disability using the social model of disability which defines disability as a mismatch between a person’s body and the social context of the person’s environment.  He will make the case that inclusion benefits everyone by showing how applying inclusive design practices leads to innovation.  There is a real business opportunity for those companies that make inclusive design part of there design thinking process.  He explores how Google practices inclusive design through design principles and a everyday inclusive interaction framework.  He gives practical advice on how to get started applying inclusive design practices



Sanjay Batra is a hardware research manager at Google and the leader for the Inclusive Hardware Program. With over 25 years of industry experience, he has worked on making technology useful, delightful, usable, affordable, and inclusive.  Sanjay experienced exclusion as he started losing his vision but was not deterred from pursuing a career in technology and he continued as a visual artist. He inspires Googlers to use empathy, creativity, and technical expertise in making the world more inclusive through technology.  

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